Oh My Liege! But My Liege!

As one gets older
and is set in his ways
One realizes that
Life is still much the maze
One remembers from
His early youthful days

One’s navigation
from one’s own station
Out to conquer all the stars
from each galaxy
Lose reality
Out to conquer all the bars

My liege! My liege!
We are under siege!
My liege! My liege!
One’s locked in his cage!
My liege, oh my liege!
My liege, but my liege!
Let one out and
One will set the stage
To save our land!

A cold cold night in a back alley
Howling at a grotesquely creep show
Near a pub with a burlesque peep show
Trash can fire, a bottle of whiskey

A half an hour goes by, a detailed text
With instructions on how to proceed
We toss the whiskey and we toss the weed
Once inside we look on stage, our hearts hexed

The girl performing her routine
Kick, ball, change, a booty shake and twirl
Her performance is out of this world
Heads are warm at the sight of this queen

How do we get her out of here quietly and discretely?

My liege! My liege!
We are under siege!
My liege! My liege!
One’s locked in his cage!
My liege, oh my liege!
My liege, but my liege!
Let one out and
One will set the stage
To save our land!

This burlesque dancer, this performer
She’s our hero, our loose cannon
Something about her, bring it on
This burlesque dancer, she’s our savior

She’s the key to something much greater
The bringing of a new energy
No scientist, lawyer or clergy
Will understand until much later

Only an esoteric handful
Psychics, mystics and indigo kids
Starseeds, twin flames, soulmates, the whole grid
Know the prophecy to be fulfilled

How do we get her out of here quietly and discretely?

My liege! My liege!
We are under siege!
My liege! My liege!
One’s locked in his cage!
My liege, oh my liege!
My liege, but my liege!
Let one out and
One will set the stage
To save our land!

She’s almost done her routine on stage
Shrew returns to us from the washroom
“Babe! Vent that leads to the dressing rooms!”
“Good work, Shrew! Let’s go! Come with us, Mage!

Pinpoint stays behind to be lookout
We head to the washroom, through the vent
Shrew, the smallest, quickest and a gent
He leads us through and we are en route

Behind the grill of the dancer’s room
We see a lot more than bargained for
Young, pretty and nude, she’s no eye sore
Mage’s magic gets her dressed and groomed

We’re about to get her out of here quietly and discretely

My liege! My liege!
We are under siege!
My liege! My liege!
One’s locked in his cage!
My liege, oh my liege!
My liege, but my liege!
Let one out and
One will set the stage
To save our land!

Mage telepathically transfers
Intel on our mission
To the young and beautiful dancer
With whom we are smitten
But it’s business, we can’t romance her
But that rear end!

She looks up at the vent on the wall
She now knows we are here
Knows that from the washrooms we have crawled
She takes a sip of beer
“Come on out, boys!” she shamelessly calls
Her voice ascends

We pile out and collect our composure
We look at her coyly
“We saw you naked, full disclosure”
“I know,” her voice oily
“Barely know me and we’re cozier
than most my friends”

“How do you plan to get me out of here quietly and discretely?” she asks as she smirks and winks
“Follow me!” she beckons as she puts on her coat

Well, that was easier than we thought…

.. ~ Babe #EsotericMO


The Wayfarings of Gwendolyn Abernathy – 8: An Unexpected Visit

It’s midafternoon and Gwendolyn is making good time. She’s following the fireball about 100 feet behind it, making sure she isn’t being noticed by whatever force is controlling it. There is an entity controlling it, that much Gwen is certain of.

Gwen has now traveled further along the creek than she has ever traveled before. She looks at her map of the territory and sees that she is near the town Heddwyn. She then notices that the fireball slows down and stops moving. Gwendolyn feels like the fireball is still looking for something and she decides to tuck into the forest. She walks towards the town and decides that this might be a good time to pick up preserved foods for her travels.

Along the way Gwen smells smoke and eventually stumbles upon a cabin with a smoking chimney. She decides to get bold and knocks on the door. An older lady answers.

“What can I do for you, child? Did you parents send you from Heddwyn?” the old lady asks.

“No, ma’am. I’m not from Heddwyn. I’ve been following the creek since Glynn. I’m a traveler and decided to go to Heddwyn to pick up food for my travels,” responds Gwen.

“Oh, dear,” starts the older lady. “Are you sure you are heading for the right town?”

“Yes, ma’am. Why do you ask?”

“No matter. Why did you stop at our cabin before heading into town?”

“I thought maybe you were a traveler, too,” responds Gwen.

“No, dear. We are also residents of Heddwyn.”

“You keep saying ‘we.’ Who else do you live with?”

“My two sisters. Listen, dear. You ought to know that the three of us that live here – my sisters and I – we are witches. Heddwyn is what your folks refer to as a freakshow town. Are you sure you are stopping off at the right place?”

“I’ve never been this far from Glynn, so I don’t know what to expect,” responds the young traveler.

“What’s your name, dear?”


“Gwendolyn? Gwen from Glynn?” the witch responds, as is she is familiar with the girl.

“That’s my name.”

“My sisters and I know of you. We know that you have abilities. We may be of assistance to you. Would you like some tea, Gwen from Glynn?”

“I would love some tea,” Gwendolyn Abernathty replies without moving her lips.

“Oh, we’re going to be good friends, dear,” the witch replies as she invites the young traveler into the cabin.

.. ~ Babe

The Wayfarings of Gwendolyn Abernathy – 7: Fireball in the Sky

After breakfast Gwen, Bran, Dona and Filomena are sitting in the den with the fireplace crackling. Dona is on the couch with Filomena in her lap and Gwen next to her. Gwen is giving Filomena her undivided attention. Gwen always had a way with babies since she is able to empathically read the energies of people and tend to their needs. Bran is in his arm chair watching Gwen interact with his family and smiles.

“I can see why you are well liked,” starts Bran. “People feel comfortable and safe around you. Filomena is usually restless after breakfast, but she seems to be calm around you.”

“Yeah, I’m the go-to babysitter back in Glynn,” Gwen responds. “There isn’t a dear child in town, no matter how bratty their parents claim they are, that doesn’t become an angel around me.

“Tell us more about your abilities, Gwen. Are there more like you in Glynn? It’s not a freakshow town, is it?” asks Bran.

A freakshow town is a community of people that are disliked by the rest of society, even by nomads and gypsies. Freakshows are are a godless people, mostly criminals and often into substance abuse. They openly practice dark witchcraft and are feared by other peoples. They have rowdy dispositions and hunt other people for game and sacrifices.

“No, Glynn is not a freakshow town,” Gwendolyn answers. “I am the only that I know of with abilities. The only other people that know that I have abilities are my parents and two best friends, Effion and Crystin.”

“And why did you leave Glynn behind, again?” asks Dona, still a little skeptical of Gwen.

“To fulfill a legend.”

“That only came about after you were born?”

“I know it sounds weird…”

“Very weird!”

“Dona,” Bran says gently. “We have experienced some pretty weird things thing in our travels. Why can’t we accept this as one of those things?”

“Because we have never experienced the paranormal!” Dona snaps. “She could be lying to us, for all we know! Glynn could be a freakshow town!”

“Dona?” Gwen asks. “Do you mind if I show you something? It will only take a moment, but it takes a bit of an investment.”

“Why should I trust you?” Dona asks.

“You have no reason to, we are strangers to each other. But take Maddox’s word. You trust him, don’t you?”

Dona thinks for a moment. “Yes, I trust him. Bran and I used to travel with him in our early days. What do you need me to do?”

“First off, we are going to hand Filomena to Bran,” Gwen says as she gently picks up the baby and places her in her father’s arms.

Gwen returns to the couch and sits down next to Dona. Gwen places a hand on Dona’s brow.

“Just relax,” Gwen says.

“What do you mea…” Dona and Gwen both fall asleep at the same time.

Gwen is in total control. They travel in their astral bodies and Gwen shows Dona everything about Glynn. Dona discovers how peaceful Glynn is and how supportive its inhabitants are. Dona learns that Gwendolyn is a trained tattoo artist and self taught photographer. While the jovial 16-year-old girl had done well in school, most of her education was learned on her own in the library or out experiencing life with her friends. Gwen quickly pulls Dona back from the projection. They both wake up only moments from falling asleep.

“What do you think? Gwen asks Dona.

“Okay, I believe you!” Dona states. “Bran, we need to support this girl!”

Bran nods reassuringly, as if he knew the entire time. “Of course we do,” he states.

A loud noise abruptly fills the air without warning. An almost unexplainable noise from outside. It sounds like something burning and it seems to be moving. Bran gives his baby daughter to his wife and tells everyone to stay put and goes up to see what the commotion is. Gwen doesn’t take instruction well and follows Bran up the stairs.

Once outside they look up. A giant fireball in the sky is following the creek, the same direction that Gwen is going in. It seems to be going at a slow and intentional pace, almost like it’s looking for something. Bran and Gwen immediately get this feeling that they are being watched.

“Get inside, Gwen!” Bran says sternly.

Gwendolyn and Bran both retreat to the store and Bran closes all the windows.

“I don’t know what that was,” Bran starts. “But I’ve had my share of the supernatural today.”

“Understandable,” replies Gwen. She is holding the coin that Maddox left for her with both hands. It’s unusually warm and seems to be pulling her in the direction of the fireball. “I think I have to get a move on. The coin is urging me along the creek, urging me to follow the ball of light that just passed us.”

Bran helps Gwendolyn pack her things while Dona prepares food for Gwen’s travels. Finally they convene just inside the door of the shop to say goodbye. Gwen embraces her hosts and gives Filomena a kiss on the forehead. Bran reaches into his wallet and hands his guest a small sum of money.

“We don’t have much to offer,” Bran says. “But hopefully this will make due in the event of an emergency.”

“That is is more than enough, I appreciate it,” Gwen replies. “I have my tattoo supplies with me. I hear travelers like tattoos. I’m sure I’ll meet a few potential customers along the way.”

“One second,” Bran says as he goes into the stock room. He comes back with packaged tattoo needles. “Maddox left these behind. I’m sure these were meant for you.”

“Well, he did teach me,” Gwen smiles.

“Don’t be a stranger,” Dona says, sad to see the young girl go.

Gwen heads off in the direction of the fireball, along the creek.

.. ~ Babe

The Wayfarings of Gwendolyn Abernathy – 6: Breakfast

Gwen wakes up disoriented. It takes her a moment to realize that she is at Bran and Dona’s. Breakfast is in the air and Gwendolyn migrates to the kitchen, which is also in the basement.

“Good morning, dear,” Dona says. “Sorry I couldn’t meet you last night. I was getting Filomena to sleep and after that I was beat.”

“I understand. Thank you for hosting me. How is Filomena this morning?” Gwen responds.

“No trouble at all,” Dona winks reassuring at Gwen. “Filomena is still sleeping soundly. Would you like some breakfast? Orange juice, coffee, eggs, toast and fruit. Sugar’s on the table, milk’s in the fridge. Don’t be shy.”

“I feel like I’m at home.”

“As you should, dear. What’s ours is yours. We make a point to open our place to travelers. We are all travelers, really, not matter how short or long the trip. We need to support one another. Plus, the previous owners ranted about you and your friends. Why aren’t they here with you?”

“I’m traveling on my own and will be for a very long time. I left my friend’s yesterday at the stream’s bank near Glynn. I gave them with a message to take to my parents.”

“Why did you do that, dear?” Dona asks with a stern and concerned look on her face.

“Because the folks in Glynn have told me since I was a young child that I am this mythical person that will follow Emris Creek from Glynn and bless everyone I meet along my travels. They believe me to made of the stuff from legend.”

“And why do they believe that?”

“Because I have always been incredibly kind to everyone in my town for as long as I can remember.”

“Oh, sweetie. You can’t believe fairytales people tell you just because you are nice to them. You need to separate fact from fiction. Myths and legends exist only in the imagination.”

“Do they, though?” asks Gwendolyn.

Except Gwen didn’t move her lips and Dona heard Gwen as clear as day.

“How did you do that, child?” Bran spoke up from his chair. His eyes are bugged out with shock. Bran had been busy peeling fruit for breakfast up until now, but paid closer attention to the later part of the conversation.

“I’m telepathic, among other things,” Gwendolyn continues to communicate with Dona and Bran without moving her lips. “I think I know how to separate fact from fiction more than the average person. I’m of the understanding that anything is possible.”

Dona and Bran look at each other for a moment, still in confusion.

“I got the last one, love. This one’s all yours,” Dona says to her husband.

Bran takes a moment to think. “Let’s sit and have a good breakfast together. Let’s chat, make friends and have a good time. After a filling meal we’ll convene to the den, relax and talk about the confusions we are currently experiencing. Does that sound fair?”

“Yes,” both Dona and Gwen say at the same time.

During breakfast Bran and Dona watch Gwen’s lips as they make conversation to see if she will communicate telepathically again.

.. ~ Babe

The Wayfarings of Gwendolyn Abernathy – Five: Gwen From Glynn

It’s near 11pm and Gwen decides to set up camp next to a general store near Emris reek. General stores are small businesses run by nomads, gypsies and other transient people. The buildings are permanent, but the shop keepers are temporary because they are always traveling from one place to another. They set the shop up with merchandise, tobacco and preserve foods they have crafted themselves or acquired from their travels. The general stores are usually set up between towns along streams for the convenience of other travelers. The name of the store changes with owners, the store reflecting the same name as the owner. Gwen knows of this general store because she had camped out here with Eifion and Crystin a few times before. An instant photo of them had been pasted to the wall with their names written down by the first shop keeper to let future shop keepers that the young adults in the photo are the most caring, giving and unique individuals on the face of the planet – especially Gwen.

Gwen finished setting up camp and enters the general store noting that the owners have changed since she was last here, which isn’t surprising. The name on the entrance sign reads Bran & Dona’s; a married couple, judging by the baby carriage just on the inside of the door. A moment later Bran surfaces from the cellar and smiles at Gwen.

“I thought I heard the bells above the door chime,” Bran says. He curiously glances at the photo on the wall and turns his attention back to Gwendolyn. “It’s nice to make your acquaintance, Gwen of Glynn. I was told wonderful things about you from the previous owners. They didn’t stay in this joint that long, which worked out for me and the wife, since we needed a warm place for the baby during the upcoming cold months. Lucky for us we’ve been having an Indian summer so far.”

“What’s the baby’s name?” Gwen asks.

“Filomena,” Bran responds.

“That’s a beautiful name. I knew the last owner. Maddox was nice. My friends and I camped out here a couple times over the summer and got to know him very well. I didn’t realize he had left so suddenly. It would have been nice to say goodbye to him.”

“He mentioned that he has family to tend to. He didn’t go into much detail. He did leave something for you, though.” Bran opens a drawer behind the counter, riffles through it for a few seconds and pulls out a small, handmade leather pouch. He hands it over the counter to Gwen and she takes it curiously. Gwen opens it and pulls out a gold coin; the currency is unfamiliar to her. It is thick and wide. On one side it has a ruby in the centre with north, east, south and west on their respective sides. On the opposite side of the coin is a poem, which reads:

Take this coin and you are the owner
This coin shows you the direction in
which you are going
Take this coin and you are the flow-er
This coin shows you the perfection in
which you are growing

“Maddox said that the coin is magical and has guidance properties, both in the physical realm and in the moral realm. Take it as you may,” says Bran.

“Thanks,” says Gwen.

“Gwen, we have a guest room. It’s colder tonight than it was over the summer. Would you like to crash indoors?” Bran asks.

“Sure, if it’s not too much trouble,” Gwen implies.

“Don’t be silly!” Bran rushes downstairs to get the guest bed prepared.

Nice! A warm night!

.. ~ Babe

The Wayfarings of Gwendolyn Abernathy – Four: Sweet Sixteen and First Circle Friends

Gwendolyn Abernathy turns 16 today. It’s a Saturday morning and she’s in her room; Crystin and Eifion are with her, her earliest childhood friends. They had spent the night with her to bring in her new year of life. The party the night before had been very low key, just second circle friends that understand that Gwen carries a different energy than most people her age.

Gwen categorizes her fiends in circles. First circle friends, which are just Crysten and Eifion, encounter firsthand the supernatural abilities that Gwendolyn carries. Second circle friends are friends that don’t know the supernatural powers that Gwen has, but they understand that she needs time to herself if she requests it. Third circle friends are friends that Gwen cares for, but can’t be bothered with because she knows they don’t understand her.

Crysten and Eifion are treating Gwen to a day of first circle fun. From Gwen’s place they parade over to their favourite café, The Umbrella, for coffee and brunch. When it came time to pay, the staff wouldn’t hear of it, so Gwen is off to a good start. Gwen always had a good relationship with the café, she was even offered a job there if she ever needed it.

From The Umbrella, the trio set out to Emris Creek. The creek was named Emris because it was said that it was where the first settlers of their town, Glynn, first camped and the creek would be there long after Glynn disappeared off the map. Residents of Glynn often refer to Gwendolyn as Gwen of Glynn because she’s the town’s sweetheart; always positively impacting people around her with unexplainable energies. People often turn Gwen into myth, saying that if she follows Emris with the current, she too would become immortal and bless people with her energies throughout all eternity.

Gwen, Crystin and Eifion finally reach their secret trail a couple miles west of the main trail at the foot of the forest that leads to the creek. As kids they would wander their secret trail, climb trees and play in the creek. They would return home still damp and covered in mud. Their parents would always be cross with them until their parents realized there was no getting between them and their adventuring. They would eventually be nicknamed the Trouble Trio, even though their adventuring was all in artless innocence.

“Did you bring your instant camera, Gwen?” Eifion asks.

“When have you ever seen me without it?” Gwen replies as she unzips her backpack and pulls out a clunky device.

They take their traditional group selfie together in front of the forest, as is their custom when one of them has a birthday, then they start along their secret trail. Along the way they stop at their favourite trees and climb, documenting each climb with a photo. They finally reach the creek and set up their picnic. They had packed a basket with sandwiches and sodas. They sit along the creek and enjoy a warm summer afternoon with each other, food in hand.

After their picnic they pack up and decide to start heading home. Gwen hands the picnic basket to Crystin and says, “I’m not coming home with you guys.”

“Sure,” Crystin says, thinking that Gwen just needs time to herself. “We’ll see you tomorrow?”

“No,” Gwen replies.

“Okay!” Crystin exclaims, a little surprised. “At school on Monday?”

“No. Neither of you will be seeing me again. At least not in the near future.”

“What do you mean?” Eifion chimes in.

“I’m following the current,” Gwendolyn answers. “I need to follow my calling.”

“Your calling? You mean the myth that everyone has built you up to be? I know that you have a wonderful relationship with everyone in Glynn, but the myth is a work of fiction.” Eifion responds.

“Have you met me?” Gwen retaliates without moving her lips. She’s communicating telepathically. “Who else do you know that has supernatural powers?”

Eifion stares at her. He now knows that Gwen is right. “Okay, go!” He says as he opens his arms to hug Gwen and they embrace.

Gwen turns to Crystin and declares, “take care of Eifion!”

“Always,” Crystin states as if it were obviously always her role.

Gwendolyn hands Eifion the photos they took from their adventure, save for the group selfie they took at the entrance of the forest. She places that one photo in her back pocket. Crystin and Gwen hug for what seems to be an eternity.

“What do we tell your parents?” Crystin asks.

“Tell them what I told you. They’ll be upset, but they’ll understand.”


They pull each other in for one last group hug as tears roll down their faces. Gwen kisses them both, then turns away from them and follows the current.

.. ~ Babe

The Wayfarings of Gwendolyn Abernathy – Three: I Can Hear

Gwendolyn Abernathy is six years old and in class. The class is divided into pairs and Gwen is paired with Eifion. Eifion is an over active boy with a loud personality and a wavering attention span, but he’s generally nice and polite. His excitable personality and inability to focus makes him difficult to get along with and is often avoided by other classmates, especially when it comes to group projects.

Gwen really doesn’t mind being paired with Eifion, because she understands what it’s like to be outcasted by peers. They sometimes hang out at recess because they have a small handful of mutual friends from other classes, all of which are also school misfits. On this occasion she kept hearing a voice that sounded like Eifion’s, but every time she looked at him his lips were still. The voice was going a mile a minute, thinking about everything from recess to lunch to what to do after school. But the most constant thought was about loneliness and how nice it would be to have a friend that was consistently present. After a few double takes, Gwen finally said to Eifion, “I’ll be your friend!”

“What?…” Eifion asked, trailing off at the end.

“You said you are lonely and want a friend that you can spend lots of time with. I’ll be your friend!” Gwen said joyfully.

Eifion stared at Gwen blankly. “How do you know that?”

“I heard you,” Gwen replied.

“But I didn’t say anything.”

“Yes you did, but your lips weren’t moving. I thought it was someone else at first, but it was definitely your voice. How did you do that?”

“What do you mean? I didn’t say anything, but I was thinking. I should be asking you how you heard my thoughts,” Eifion said, very confused at this point.

“I don’t know. I just did, I can’t explain it. Want to come over and play after school? I have to ask my mom first, but it should be okay.

Eifion stared at Gwen in total shock for a moment before replying. “Sure. I’ll ask my mom, too.” Slowly a smile appears on his face. His prayers have just been answered.

What was that?

.. ~ Babe